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Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. I've really let my activity here slide and have just about decided to move on to tumblr. I'm not saying I'll never post here, but so far, that seems like an easier way to show my work that also looks better for showing editors. So, if you want to follow me there, here's the link:

I'm in need of a good flatter or two. If you're experienced and reliable, hit me up. If you're trying to get into flatting, I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

Coloring 'The Darkness' live. Keep me company, chumps.
Jan. -No cons.
Feb. -No cons.
March. -No cons.
April. -No cons.
May -No cons.
June -No cons.
July -No cons.
Aug. -No cons.
Sept. -No cons.
Oct. -No cons.
Nov. -No cons.
Dec. -No cons.
I'd really like to switch my username from this out-dated nonsense to my actual name, but silly DA has to lock away such simple features unless I give them money, which I'm not going to do.  Blah.
I will be coloring a J. Scott Campbell Rocketeer pin-up on Livestream later, for those interested. I'll update when I know the exact time.
Right now.
Don't miss it.
Come hang.
If you're not at NYCC, come hang out while I color.
Watch, chat, etc.
This stuff is a challenge, yo.
Coloring live again at 10:30 central time this morning.  Spread the word, yo.